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An elusive dream of love and marriage is forever at her fingertips...

To say that Marlee Sweet is a dreamer is

like saying the world spins round. Everyone

knows it but no one can stop her. After meet-

ing handsome Joe Bellmont in a Canadian port,

Marlee begins dreaming that he'll be hers. A

year later she visits him in New Orleans. She's

spent most of the previous year living in New

York state working, saving , with only one

thing on her mind --JOE.

At first their reunion is wildly romantic, then

Marlee gets sidetracked. She takes a job travel-

ing with a magazine crew and winds up in the

arms of owner, Bobby Barnes. It takes the death

of a girlfriend to shock her back to reality and

back to Joe. Afraid she might leave him again, Joe

immediately proposes and Marlee ecstatically

accepts. Then Bobby swings into town and

lures an engaged Marlee back into his bed.

Ashamed and disgusted with herself, Marlee

tells Joe she no longer knows her own heart's

desires. Choosing between the two men is harder

than she ever dreamed possible, as her final

decision could ruin the hearts and lives of all



Shocked by the truth of her heritage, Blaine sets out to find the truth in

a murder...

When cub reporter Blaine Orson goes on her

first big interview, she finds a body instead.

RCMP constable Roy Archer falls for the inno-

cent looking beauty but is suspicious too,

since the dead man turns out to be her bio-

logical father, and she inherits his fortune.

Blaine can't believe it when her own mother

confesses. But an autopsy reveals she couldn't

be the murderer. Then canceled checks found

in the dead man's safe indicate long-term black-

mail by her stepfather. Fortunately for Blaine

senior reporter Andrew Clark is determined

to get an awesome story out of the whole mess.

Although she's reeling from the discovery of

her unknown father, love is in the cold, spring

air for Blaine. But so is murder, deceit, and

curiosity. Roy warns Blaine to let the police

handle things, but Blaine's confrontation with

her step-dad leads her into deep danger. Only

Andrew and Const. Archer can help her now.

Angel's Blessings
It's been one year since Angel Walker divorced her intolerable husband, James, and one year since Jake Jordan lost his dear wife, Rosalin to a car accident. Now twelve years since Angel and Jake last saw each other Angel is returning to Nova Scotia to help out her aunt who's just taken a fall. But running the Bed and Breakfast turns out to be an easier challenge than dealing with widower Jake and his adorable daughter Rachael. Living up to the saintly Rosalin takes courage. But it takes more courage still to accept that Jake is nothing like James. Once bitten twice shy, Jake discovers Angel doesn't trust easily. He'll have to be careful with this one, if he doesn't want her to slip away. But when Angel finally believes in Jake, she discovers she could have been wrong, and Jake might be using her, making him an even lower person than her ex. An almost tragedy is avoided and long overdue explanations turn Angel's challenge into a blessing.