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BREAKOUT   DAY   (A   Fantasy)


 My name is Marlee and I live in a world of dull Carols. Dull carol here, dull carol there.   Everywhere I look there is dull Carol. I live behind her eyes, behind her face. I scream, LET ME OUT, but she just goes on being dull Carol.

One time I did get out. It was night, and she was sleeping. I couldn't sleep myself because she was lying on her back snoring. So I worked very hard all night and I burst through her! She didn't know what hit her. Next morning she was behind my eyes. Behind my face. It was the summer of '64, and she was working in the City. I went to work that day and quit that damn job. Boy, did I feel great. Now on to something exciting. I had dressed in the most provocative clothing I could find in dull carol's closet -- and let me tell you the skirt and blouse I was wearing was fit for a dog. And I was no dog. So, I took the money neatly folded in an envelope (I knew it was dull carol's rent savings) but, hey, I needed decent clothes.

I shopped around and found a neat shop on Madison Avenue. In the dressing room I squirmed into the little black number and dumped the seedy threads belonging to dull carol. Across the street I found a pair of black spikes. They were cheap because they were sample shoes, and my tiny footsie was a sample size five. I stopped by a department store and picked up some cosmetics and a pair of black fishnet stockings. My next stop was at a restaurant. I ordered lunch and later primped up in the washroom. When I re-emerged, I was like a butterfly -- let loose from dull carol's cocoon. Let me tell you the rest of the day and the night was fabulous. It took only one wink and one seductive glance at a gorgeous guy on Washington Avenue. I was traipsing down the sidewalk, flinging my new hair-do, and he had pulled up to a red light with the radio blaring a new Beatles' hit. The song said: I wanna hold your hannnnnnd, I wanna hold your hand. And I extended mine. The guy laughed, showing brilliant, white teeth, and he beckoned for me to climb in. I did and we roared away in his brand new red Corvette.

He said his name was Billy, and his dad owned a big restaurant in Binghamton. We drove around awhile, then went up to the summit and necked. That made us hungry and he drove us to his dad's eatery. Man, it was pure class. I was wined and dined that day like a princess. The waiters all catered to Billy being that he was the boss's son. We had the most expensive stuff on the menu and a bottle of Champagne after to wash it all down. The strawberry cheese cake for desert wasn't bad either. I watched Billy wipe whipped cream off his scrumptious lips, and I got another hankering to taste them again. So I did. Right there in his daddy's restaurant. I pulled him over to me and planted a big one on his choppers. He moaned when I let him go and grabbed me for another kiss. I told him to back off. I wasn't giving everyone a free show. Well, they cleaned the table and the little three-piece Jazz band in the corner started playing. Billy asked me to dance and we did. He held me so tight I thought he'd squeeze me to death. I told him to relax I needed to breathe. Then I started singing in his ear. It was Moonriver and he said he dug it. I said I'd sing it with the band if he'd like. He was all for it and I stepped up on the stage and gave the audience a version of Moonriver that was sexy and cool. I mimicked Peggy Lee a little because I loved her voice and I used to sing along with all her stuff. When Moonriver was over, I got an idea. I whispered in the band leader's ear, and he grinned and shook his head affirmatively. They struck up Fever and I did my Peggy Lee version. I worked the place starting with Billy, then moving on to other guys. They oohed and awed, and I laughed when I plunked my tight butt on a big fat guy's lap. I rubbed my newly painted nails across his pink bald scalp, then gave him a big red kiss on top of his shiner. I laughed and got up, returning to Billy's table. I finished off the song sitting on his lap. Then we left. Billy was so hot by then we returned to the summit and necked some more. But when he clawed at my dress and got his hand on my thigh, I backed off. When I said, I'm not that kinda girl, Billy, I still had dull Carol's morals running through my veins.

Billy finally drove me home and asked to see me the next night. I told him, maybe. I wasn't sure I'd be around. After exhibiting dull Carol's morals, I could feel her pushing to get control again. I gave Billy my number and said he should call me. I climbed the stairs to the apartment and went to bed. As I slipped off to dreamland, I felt dull Carol crawling out. Oh, well, it had been a great day. I was content for awhile. I'd let her get up and straighten out her life. She'd probably have a hard time figuring out where the little black dress and spikes came from. And I wouldn't want to be in her shoes when she went to work and found out she had quit. I was tired. One thing for sure -- dull Carol's life would not be so dull in the morning. She'd have a lot of explaining to do. I drifted off wondering if I'd ever see Billy again. I knew I'd never get dull Carol to go to Binghamton, nor would she ever get in a car on the street with a stranger -- even if he was gorgeous! I wondered also if Billy would ever call. If he did, I'd fight like hell to burst through. I didn't mind being treated in a fine way like Billy treated me. Dull Carol could do worse than date him. Then again a guy like Billy wouldn't be too interested in her. She wouldn't have the guts to sing for him, even though her voice was as good as mine. And she'd never lay a kiss on him like I did. No, Billy and dull Carol would never make a pair. When I got restless again, I'd burst out. It would be easier the next time. I knew her weakness now -- sleep. I'd have another go at Bill. I knew he'd be around!!

Copyright 1998 by C.M. Stewart