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This baby zebra finch is a boy. You can tell because of the color that is beginning on his cheeks. All babies are plain grey, and females don't have the bright cheeks, also their beaks are orange where males(when mature)have bright red beaks.

Meet Mitzi,my yellow lab. Her best attributes are kindness, and loyality. Although very hyper, she has a loving personality. Did you know that some labs can carry an uncooked egg in the shell across the room and lay it down without breaking it? Goes to show the gentleness in the breed.


Hand Art

MY ORIGINAL PHOTOS are some photos I'd like to share with you. I hope to add more soon.

This shot was taken on a clear, sunny day with a blue lense. Although it was just a plain, dead tree, color and shadows added a beauty and interest beyond reality.
Old Window at Fort Louisburg, Cape Breton Nova Scotia

A pot of flowers
One of my favorite things to call this my Glorious Glad.
Two recent winter scenes January 2002