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Words are not love; love is far too complicated to be expressed that way.
From the dawn of time love has existed, long before words were known.
A breath on the cosmos clouds, decending on earth, like a fragile butterfly floating on a gentle wind.

Words express pain, communication, our deepest thoughts, but alas...not love.
Only a caring gesture, however small, however large, can express true love.
The words - I love you- are so carelessly spoken, thrown around the world as if they meant something.
Words of anger can break a heart in to, slice it down the middle and melt it into nothingness. Only love can mend a heart.

What are words without the action behind them?
They are nothing but expressions:like grunts and groans, the cave mentality.
Save your words or back them up. Otherwise be quiet...and listen.
Then love will come and love will fill your heart and when you speak, the message will be clear.
And that my friend will be the only time that words will mean a thing.


Is it that we take it for granted so much that we no longer even know its worth?
What is love anyway? We know what love can create.
Pain, joy, peace, fear, all of our emotions are created from love.
It is the greatest and most powerful thing in the world.
We all feel it, we all want it, we all need it. We crave it, in many forms.
A lover's love, a child's love, a father's love, a mother's love.
And the most powerful of all, the All Mighty love, the endless love.

The love of family, the love of home, the love of money,
the love of power, the love of fame.
We are most afraid of losing love and because of our fear we sometimes do.
We lose what we crave the most.
We really don't have the capacity to truly understand pure love.

Love fills us, feeds us, carries us forward, takes us back in time,
leads us through the present, through the long nights of misery and pain.
Love is the sustaining force of our existence.
Without love there is blackness, bleakness.
Hope cannot exist without its counterpart love. There is no peace without the feeling of love.
The powerful spiritual love of the universe holds us in strong loving arms.
But like a rebelling child we keep trying to break away, looking for something else, until the light of meaning circles us and fills our hearts with understanding.
Then and only then can anyone know or understand even minutely, the awesome, beyond-this-earth reality of absolute love...which only death reveals.