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This is my dad when he was around eighteen or twenty. When the first World War came round, he was eager to join up. He went off and spent some time in Siberia and he talked about how cold it was there. In fact he never stopped talking about the war years and years later. He sang all the old songs: It's a long way to Tiperary...Pack up Your Troubles in Your old Kit Bag...Over There...and all the rest. He was in the Signal Corps and taught us kids the Morse Code. I used to use it to write notes in school and after teaching it to some other kids, the teacher couldn't figure out our messages!

My dad was a mechanic, farmer, lumberman, carpenter and a lot of other things. One of the things I remember about him the most is how he would start to sing as soon as he got in the car and he never stopped until we go to our destination. (we didn't need a radio)


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