The price depends on the size. If the portrait is to be shipped that price would be extra.

My favorite working size is 9X12 as I find that makes for a nicer portrait. However, I can do whatever size you prefer.

Here is a list of prices to consider:

8X10 Full Body Portrait or head...100.00
9X12 Full Body Portrait or head only...200.00
11X14 Full Body Portrait or head only...250.00

Additional head 50.00 - additional animal - double the price Background added (from 50.00)

Please allow from four to eight weeks for completion and drying of painting. Pricing and time will vary with the number of pets to be included and the selected background(if any).
Shipping charge would depend on where you live.(what country) I require head shots and body shots. The clearer the pictures the better the portrait. A really nice head picture displaying the eyes up close is most helpful.
If you are interested, please let me know where you live, what kind of pet you have, etc. I can receive the pictures via e mail attachment, and I will send you a scan of the finished product for your approval. Minor changes will be considered. Also, I would require a down payment of half the portrait painting fee. Phone 902-482-7723

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