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As the rafts of sleep steal silently
down the river of dreams,
the passengers move onward
into adventures beyond their control.

Shady nightlife oozes through the slivers
of watery blackness.
Someone must take control.
The unanimous thought unspoken
in weary brains.

But, who? Or, what?
They move forward, still drifting.
A continuous drone of lapping
wetness dulls their senses.

Never ending - this quest for peace.
Forever searching out the elusive quay.

The night, saturated with pain
from argus eyes
no longer alert but still
seeking an oasis.

Reeling from a fast-moving waterspout
that frolicked and spread quickly
over the sea, moving off, leaving a
trough of solitude.

Always on guard should Kelpie interfer
The broken reeds move on, regenerated.
Their spirits quicken, resurrect
and rejoice.

copyright 1998 cmStewart. Thanks to Wendy's website for background (see homepage for entrance to her fabulous site.)